Virginia's Finest Homes deserve the professional touches the Exit Premier Realty Team bring to the table. Our team provides you with the experience and expertise you need to market and sell your property in today's Internet driven 24/7 marketplace. 

  1. Experience.  Our team has nearly 40 years of nationwide and worldwide marketing experience.
  2. Professionals.  We have our own in-house professional photographers, illustrators, and website developers.
  3. Marketing.  We have our own multimedia marketing company (Aware Concepts, LLC) that has provided specialized marketing products to realtors´┐Ż, the Smithsonian Institution, the US Army, the US Air National Guard, the National Park Service, the San Diego Aerospace Museum, and many more.

Before choosing a realtor ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Does the realtor provide professional photography?
  2. Does the realtor provide professional illustration for your brochures?
  3. Does the realtor provide a website dedicated to your property?
  4. How will your property be featured on the Internet?

We invite you to contact us to learn how you too can "Experience the Magic of Multimedia Marketing."