There are many things we can say about the high quality of service we provide to our home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of our recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. We hope they indicate our experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much we enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.


Marie Spiewak-Runyon

Jim and Valerie were superb to work with. They were both extremely knowledgeable about the market and area. They were thorough from start to finish. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again in either buying or selling my next home.


Andy and Morgan Holtman


Ken Thurman is an exceptional, extremely dedicated realtor. He worked tirelessly to help us find the perfect property (even researching complex title and easement issues). After we closed, Ken continued to work with us as we interviewed and selected contractors. To Ken, this was merely part of a realtor's day's work. To us, it was nothing short of extraordinary. Ken's thoughtful advice and thorough knowledge of the industry at all levels has proven invaluable. As if that were not enough, Ken is extremely professional and one of the nicest people we have known. We cannot recommend Ken highly enough.

No matter what we write, we cannot possibly express how fortunate we feel to have found you as our agent.


Courtney Dickinson

Jim and Valerie did a fantastic job!!! It took us a while to find the perfect home, and their patience, promptness, and attention to details paid off big time. We love our home and property and felt that our needs and desires in a home came first, not just the quick sale. Thank you!


Carole and Woody Sellers


Michele and Ken,
"You can imagine our surprise and delight when our farm was listed April first, 2010 and a firm offer was made on April fourth. We had listed the farm two times previously, with little response. As you know, you were recommended to us as the best, and our experience certainly confirms that.

The photographs, and computer sites showed our beloved farm at it's very best. Your advice to us as to what we could do to make it show even better was right on. Your professionalism throughout the process was greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure working with you both, and we wish you every success, which I'm sure you will have, in the future.

Feel free to share this as a recommendation if you like. Best wishes to you and congratulations to clients who choose your team to represent them."


Rodney Hoyt

Being completely new to the Front Royal area, my wife and I knew very little about the lay of the land and even less about the home buying process. Jim knew everything!!! Every question I asked, he was "Johnny on the spot!" And his answers were right on. So he wasn't just blowing smoke. Another reason I would highly recommend Jim and Valerie is because they are truly on your side. We had issues with our lender during the closing process and because Jim knew how to work the process, he was able to work his magic and get us to closing quickly. Otherwise we would probably still be waiting. Also, at closing Jim was right there with us. He went line by line through the closing documents with us and actually found several mistakes that saved us hundreds of dollars. He noticed that I didn't get credit for some of the items that the seller was responsible for. He also caught that my wife wasn't on the deed which made my wife happy and every self respecting man knows a happy wife is a happy life! Anyways, I can honestly say that Jim was the best asset we had during the home buying process and I HIGHLY recommend him for any home buying or selling needs


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